12 February 2020

TOR Marketing Agency: ASEAN Tourism Marketing Strategy Activities 2020

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, was established on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand, by the founding fathers of the original ASEAN countries; namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The nations of Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam have since joined this regional grouping.

The ASEAN National Tourism Organizations (NTOs) have developed the ASEAN Tourism Marketing Strategy (ATMS) 2017-2020 with a recognition that the marketing strategy will not only impact tourism but position ASEAN in other capacities. The ASEAN marketing efforts are based on the guiding principles of innovation, creativity, transparency, mutual-respect and responsible development. The strategy has been developed within the framework of the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan (ATSP) 2016-2025 and is designed to support the overall tourism activities of the ASEAN NTOs. The implementation arrangements of the ATSP 2016-2025 is outlined in Figure 1.

Figure 1: ATSP 2016-2025 Implementation Arrangements
Figure 1: ATSP 2016-2025 Implementation Arrangements

Taking into account the resource constraints, the ATMS’s primary focus is not on traditional marketing that requires media spend but on exploring opportunities that provide the most value and allow the story of the region to be told in a creative and engaging manner. The ATMS recognizes that public relations and social media are effective approaches to reaching target markets with the right message, on the right channel at the right time.

As the effectiveness of specific marketing channels to reach travelers evolves, so does the ASEAN approach to marketing. As peer-to-peer advocacy becomes a key influencer of people’s travel decisions, as seen in the changes in the traveler journey, the focus of the ATMS 2017-2020 is not on paid media but on engaging the most influential audiences (travelers) through social media networks who are likely to become effective advocates for Southeast Asia. Additionally, the boom in digital technology enables the focus to shift from traditional marketing tactics (which deliver messaging to a broad audience) to a more targeted approach using content marketing, enabling the delivery of highly customized content relevant to individual travelers in target markets.

A full document of ATMS is available at

ATMS Vision and Strategic Objectives

Vision of ASEAN Tourism Marketing Strategy (ATMS) 2017-2020 is to continue to build recognition of Southeast Asia as a unique, competitive, sustainable and inclusive tourism destination.

Strategic objectives are:

a) Raise awareness of the unique qualities of Southeast Asia and inspire travel;
b) Develop an integrated, digitally-focused marketing action plan that provides an action framework for the ASEAN NTOs;
c) Develop a strategic implementation process based on collective programs / mechanisms with key industry partnerships;
d) Promote innovative regional visitor experiences that meet the development needs of the member countries.

Themes of Regional Experiences

There is a wide range of ASEAN tourism experiences. However, with the resource availability, the ATMS implementation had focused on the following themes each year as such:

a) Culinary (2018);
b) Wellness (2019);
c) Culture and Heritage (2019-2020); and
d) Nature and Adventure (2020)
Moving forward, the above themes are subject to change.

Target Markets

a) North America (including USA and Canada);
b) Europe (especially UK, Germany and France); and
c) Middle East
The target markets above are subject to change.

Monitoring Framework

Overall key performance indicators for ATMS are:
a) Media value generated;
b) Website Traffic;
c) Impressions on social media;
d) Fans/Follower on Social Media; and
e) Likes/Shares

ASEAN Tourism Marketing Organizational Structure

The implementation of ATMS is under the responsibility of ASEAN Tourism Competitiveness Committee (ATCC). A specific entity, provisionally called the ASEAN Tourism Marketing Partnership (ATMP) Working Group, is established to deal with marketing issues and operates under the ATCC mandate (Figure 2). This concept aims to provide a focus and direction to marketing specific activities and be structured and managed as a true partnership in order to ensure that the private sector, as well as other stakeholders, collaborate effectively in ensuring an efficient and professional set of ASEAN marketing activities.

Figure 2: Organizational Structure for ASEAN Tourism Marketing
Figure 2: Organizational Structure for ASEAN Tourism Marketing

Given that the ATMP is a partnership initiative, the ASEAN Tourism Marketing Coordinator ensures that the various stakeholders work effectively together and that initiatives decided by the ATMP are implemented. In addition, the ASEAN Tourism Marketing Coordinator* is responsible for working closely with any consultants and organizations contracted, including the Marketing Agency, who will provide the necessary expertise required to become more competitive in the growing travel industry.

*From May 2020 onwards, ASEAN Tourism Marketing Coordinator’s responsibilities will be handed over to Senior Officer Tourism Marketing at ASEAN Secretariat.

**The successor of the ATMS 2017-2020 will be available by August 2020.

In this regard, ATMP is seeking a marketing agency to support the implementation of ATMS, particularly in the following activities:

  • • Integrated marketing activities;
  • • Branding exercise;
  • • Public relations and press releases;
  • • Social media development and implementation;
  • • Website content development, management and optimization;
  • • Blog development and content creation;
  • • Newsletter development;
  • • Email database development;
  • • Assisting in the development of KPIs.


Responsibilities and Tasks


The marketing agency’s scope of work for is listed below but not limited to the following :


a) To develop and implement the overall Digital Marketing and Communication strategies across all social media and digital channels to promote the ASEAN tourism particularly the identified themes (subject to changes as highlighted in paragraph 3 above), within the context of ATMS. The existing online platforms are :

i. ASEAN Tourism Website
ii. ASEAN Southeast Asia Feel the Warmth Facebook Fan Page, and
iii. ASEAN Tourism Instagram account (aseantourismonline)

b) To carry out marketing activities to promote ASEAN Tourism brand and to encourage people to visit at least two countries within the region;

c) To establish the core messages with the ATMP-WG;

d) To manage ASEAN Tourism website content, including development, optimization, administration, continuous hosting and maintenance;

e) To create contents, and develop blogs and newsletters regularly to grow ASEAN tourism awareness;

f) To develop and manage a core media relations program, including the establishment of media contact lists, regular contact with key sector business and regional journalists, preparation and distribution of regular media updates and input into positive media coverage.

g) To assist in developing KPIs of marketing activities;

h) To manage the productivity of the marketing plans and projects;

i) To monitor, review and report on all marketing activities and results on a monthly basis;

j) To deliver marketing activity within agreed budgets;

k) To expand and develop marketing platforms;

l) To develop email database;

m) To monitor industry best practice and coordinate with the ASEAN Tourism

n) Market Research Group through Marketing Coordinator, to obtain an analysis of visitor research, current market conditions and competitor information; and To attend meetings with ATMP 2-3 times a year, if needed.


Main goals of the Marketing Campaigns:

To inspire travel to Southeast Asia and raise awareness of ASEAN / Southeast Asia tourism through collaborating with partners and key influencers/personalities.

a) Develop one or more campaigns using online and social media strategies to promote Southeast Asia travel and maximise the awareness of ASEAN tourism;

b) Advise on the design of appropriate communication strategies and tools to be used in the campaign for the target markets of the campaign (please refer to paragraph 4 above), i.e. Europe, North America and Australia;

c) Identify like-minded partners to jointly implement the campaign and ensure the collaborations bring about the desired outcomes for all parties;

d) Identify suitable influencers/personalities who can best amplify the ASEAN brand and inspire travel to Southeast Asia;

e) Work with the ATMP-WG in setting key performance indicators for the campaigns;

f) Provide creative services and assist in the design and layout of ads / banners / artwork when required;

g) Regularly review the plan and make adjustments for improvement where appropriate; and

h) Provide monthly updates to the ATMP-WG and submit a report upon the completion of the campaign; and

i) Towards the completion of the campaign, assess the outcomes of the campaign and assist the ATMP-WG in the crafting of the succeeding campaign incorporating the insights and recommendations from the campaign evaluation.


SEO and SEM are essential for managing traffic to the ASEAN Tourism website

a) On-page optimization and Off-page optimization.

b) Identify/suggest on best domain name, Titles, Headings and sub-headings. Creating strong meta & title tags

c) Use effective search engine keywords in relevant places within website.

d) Make changes in design, content and links as per requirements. Manage the overall content on the site.

e) Suggest and deploy strategies that increase in-bound traffic.

f) Achieve position in the first page of popular search engines.

g) Stay up to date with the latest SEO news and methods such as Google’s Algorithm.

h) Add blog pages if required and submit articles to directories for getting back-links, also try new methods that can prove beneficial.

i) Thoroughly monitor website performance and take necessary steps to improve traffic.

j) Rectify technical issues such as 404 Error, Duplicate Content, problems related to XML and HTML sitemap, broken links etc.

k) Write catchy outline and unique content to grab viewer’s attention. Place them properly throughout the website and remove outdated ones.

l) Provide periodic statistics and analytical data to the ATMP-WG on website’s performance.

m) Devise a performance-based SEM strategy for execution. Structure, strategize and streamline the paid search effort.

n) Audit the search footprint across all applicable products and services. Tracking, reporting and optimizing paid search campaigns.

o) Regularly identify trends and insights to achieve maximum ROI in paid search campaigns.

p) Analyse ongoing paid keyword discovery, expansion and optimization; Create Account Structures, Ad groups, Keyword Planning, Ad Copies, Desktop and Mobile Bid

q) Execute various SEM related tests, collecting and analysing data during the campaign period.

r) Optimize advertisement copy and landing pages for paid search engine marketing campaigns.

s) Provide SEO related technical inputs to ATMP-WG such as keywords, meta tags, description tags, etc.

t) Submit monthly review report of the work done on website to ATMP-WG. Reports should also include keyword rankings, visitor and behaviour analytics, etc.


The selected marketing agency will be contracted for the service of twelve (12) months from 1 June 2020 – 31 May 2021, with the option to renew the contract annually, for a maximum period of up to three years.

Schedule of Deliverables

Milestone Timeline Comment
Submissions of proposals to ATMP -WG 10th February – 6th March 2020 Proposal to be submitted with concept, marketing plan, milestones, company profile and example of clients and previous achievements
Service agreement signed 25th March 2020  
Implement marketing campaigns and activities 1st June 2020 – 31st May 2021 Ongoing consultations with ATMP-WG through Marketing Coordinator
Monthly report submitted to ATMP through Marketing Coordinator Latest by the 10th of each month Monthly report to include activities undertaken, outcome including statistical figures, analysis, areas for improvement and future plans

Qualifications and Requirements

a) Extensiveworkexperienceindigitalandsocialmediamarketing,aswellas the areas outlined in the job scope;
b) Atleast5yearsofexperienceindevelopingandimplementinginternational marketing campaigns, especially involving partners and influencers, with a proven track record;
c) Good understanding of the ASEAN tourism brand recognition and unique selling points;
d) Thorough understanding of online marketing strategies for tourism;
e) Work experience in destination marketing would be a strong advantage;
f) Possess necessary marketing experience, skills, outside perspective, and built-in relationships with publishers, media and other key digital partners;
g) Work effectively within an international environment, incorporating many cultures;
h) Able to communicate and work closely with ATMP-WG remotely, while maintaining a satisfactory level of work progress and achievement.
i) High English proficiency;

Proposal and Quotation

Interested companies are invited to submit proposals for the engagement of Marketing Agency, by following the guidelines below:-

The proposal must include at least 4 sections:

Section 1: Company Information

  • • Company profile
  • • Team member
  • • Examples of client accounts and testimonials
  • • Previous achievements

Section 2: Proposal – Digital & Social Marketing

  • • Concept
  • • Work plan
  • • Milestones
  • • Proof of completion of similar work for other clients
  • • Quotation with the breakdown of costs and fees, including optional items

Section 3: Proposal – Campaign

  • • Concept
  • • Work plan
  • • Milestones
  • • Proof of completion of the similar work from other clients
  • • Quotation with the breakdown of costs and fees, including optional items

Section 4 Proposal – SEO & SEM

  • • Concept
  • • Work plan
  • • Milestones
  • • Proof of completion of the similar work from other clients
  • • Quotation with the breakdown of costs and fees, including optional items

Quotations should be separated into 3 portions at the following ranges.

a) Digital & Social Marketing USD 55,000 – 75,000
b) Campaigns USD 30,000 – 50,000
c) SEO & SEM USD 8,000 – 10,000

The quotations must be in US Dollar in net amount, inclusive of service fee, travel costs, all expenses required to deliver the work as contracted, such as professional content copywriting, image sourcing, media purchases, marketing spends (e.g. online ads, engagements with influencers, campaign prizes, etc.), and any maintenance fee related to the current social media platforms, office expenses, and any applicable government tax.

The deadline for receipt of proposals is on 6th March 2020 at 5:00PM (Bangkok, Thailand Time). Proposals should be sent to Ms. Dee Suvimol, ASEAN Tourism Marketing Coordinator, at The email subject should read: “Proposal for Engagement of Digital Marketing Agency”.

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