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Southeast Asia lies smack in the middle of the "Coral Triangle", a six-million-square-kilometer undersea space whose abundance of reef-building corals make it a global hotspot for marine biodiversity. Over seventy percent of the world’s coral species, six marine turtle species, and over 2,000 reef fish species call this region home.

So at almost any place where Southeast Asian landmass meets the sea, you'll only be a short ride and a dive away from seeing magic happening before your eyes.

A wealth of marine life - from coral to nudibranch to sea slugs to whale sharks - blaze across the sea floor like dashes of color from an Old Master. Coral reefs and wartime wrecks alike provide accessible spots where divers can come face to face with the region's underwater flora and fauna.

And you won't be lacking in help, either - dive shops are regularly found near popular diving spots, underscoring Southeast Asia's reputation for treating divers right, accessibility- and value-wise.

What will you find under the Southeast Asian sea? Read on and find out.


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Diving & Snorkeling
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    12 - 16 January 2020
    Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei


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