Senior & Long-Stay Travel

Seniors and long-stay travelers will find a lot to like in Southeast Asia, a region that rewards travelers who prefer their trips slow and easy. The articles below provide essential information for first-time senior and long-stay travelers in Southeast Asia, along with suggested itineraries and activities.


  • 3 Top Cultural & Spiritual Activities in Southeast Asia

    Southeast Asia's well-developed local cultures reward visitors who take the time to learn their ins and outs: invest in Southeast Asia's cooking classes, wellness retreats and art workshops, and by trip's end you'll bring home far more afterward than just souvenirs.

  • Cruises in Southeast Asia for Seniors

    The coastlines of Southeast Asia are ripe for travelers looking to explore the region by boat. Find out about the region's top water-accessible destinations, and learn about the cruise companies that explore Southeast Asia's seas and rivers.

  • Finding Health & Wellness in Southeast Asia

    Interest in health and wellness tourism has swelled over the years, and a select number of countries in Southeast Asia have risen to meet the challenge. If you can't find effective and sympathetic medical care in your country of origin, the countries in this list are ready to provide what you need.

  • How to Stay Safe while Traveling in Southeast Asia

    Is Southeast Asia safe for travelers? The answers to that question - and added tips on maximizing your safety while traveling in the region - can be found in this article. When traveling to Southeast Asia, you'll need prudence and a sense of adventure in equal measure!

  • Top 4 Retirement Destinations in Southeast Asia

    There's no denying the appeal of retirement in Southeast Asia; some countries in the region even provide visas and relaxed rules for foreigners who want to spend their golden years in-country. Find out where you can retire in the region, and what benefits you can reap when you do!

  • Top Senior-Friendly Destinations in Southeast Asia

    Seniors and long-stay travelers look for three things in their Southeast Asia trip - authenticity, safety, and value. So what destinations in Southeast Asia deliver the most on these factors? Check out this list to find out!

  • Top War Memorial Sites to Visit

    War veterans and history enthusiasts alike will find plenty to see and do throughout Southeast Asia. The region was hotly contested throughout the wars of the 20th century - and numerous battlegrounds, museums and cemeteries remain to honor these struggles and the people who fought them.

  • Top Wellness Tourism Hotspots in Southeast Asia

    Exiled by high costs and decreasing quality of care in their home countries, more and more seniors seek treatments in the countries on this list: not only do they get cost-effective treatments in a world-class hospital far from home, they can recover at a nearby beach afterward!

  • Transportation in Southeast Asia

    When traveling into Southeast Asia, what are your options? Find out how you can negotiate the region's mountains, islands and boundaries - important information about traveling through Southeast Asia by airline, bus, or cruise.

  • Volunteering in Southeast Asia

    Looking for a getaway with more meaning? Volunteer your time and experience in Southeast Asia, where there is no shortage of communities that need the extra hands and expertise. Check out our list of volunteer activities in Southeast Asia - which of these fit your abilities and interests?

  • Walking Tours of Cities in Southeast Asia

    See the best of Southeast Asia away from the tour bus - walk through the cities of Yogyakarta, Bangkok, Manila and Yangon to come face to face with each destination's true character.

  • Where to Find Great (and Cheap) Food in Southeast Asia

    The cuisines of Southeast Asia draw from a surprisingly versatile palette of spices that make the food taste like nothing you've experienced back home. Read our top picks for the region's best (and best-value) food - go to these places and try something completely different!

  • Why Go Golfing in Southeast Asia...and Where to Go

    If your vacation simply isn't complete without a trip to a golf course, then these golf destinations in Southeast Asia will certainly deliver. Find out about the region's most picturesque courses (many designed by the top names in the game) and their nearby attractions.


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