01 May 2018

Boun Bang Fai - Rocket Festival 2018

This festival consists of a variety of activities. A traditional dance is performed in circle. In addition to this, men will wear traditional Lao women’s clothes and cosmetics, as people tie the clothes on each other. In the afternoon, people take artificial elephant and horse mock-ups around the host village. Furthermore, each village will prepare rockets for the rocket competition. The village that is able to launch its rocket the highest up in the sky, wins. The rocket competition is held in order to demonstrate appreciation to “Payathene” who provides people with the rains necessary for agriculture.

Throughout the celebrations, hosts prepare a variety of traditional food for their guests.

In Vientiane Capital, Boun Bang Fai is organized in the outskirts of the city of avoid damage to property and help keep participants safe. The most famous events are held in the surrounding villages of Nason, Natham, Thongmang, Kern, Pakhanhoung and many others.

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