01 July 2017

Central Highlands Heritage Month

The National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Ha Noi will celebrate Central Highlands Heritage Month in July with a bevy of special activities and events, according to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

A highlight of the month long activities is a musical program featuring folk songs and dances of the Central Highlands region performed by ethnic minority residents of the village.

Additionally, a host of activities showcasing Central Highland traditional musical instruments such as gongs, T’rung and K’rong put (local traditional bamboo xylophones) is on the agenda.

An educational program will transpire at the Khmer people’s pagoda, which offers youth an opportunity to learn about traditional beliefs of the Central Highlanders and their faith that filial piety and respect for elders constitute the root of goodness.

A requiem for soldiers who sacrifice their lives for national independence and freedom is planned at the village, as part of activities to mark July 27, the 70th anniversary of War Invalids' and Martyrs' Day.

Visitors will also have ample opportunity to enjoy photo exhibitions, an exhibition on the Spratly Islands, traditional food and drink of the Central Highlanders, along with a wide range of their other customary activities.

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